If I told you that I had come across a wonderful health regime which could significantly improve you physical, mental and social health, would you be interested?

St. John's Read & St. Peter's Simonstone

Can it be true?

​Our Vision: We want to get closer to God through prayer, to serve people

in our community in new ways and to grow more in faith and membership.

Imagine it could tone particular muscles,improve your cardiovascular health and respiratory functions, alleviate depression, stress and loneliness, help you relax, make you confident and more focussed; develop your brain and help you connect with your emotions; live longer, would you be interested?

These are some of the claims made on the internet about singing and they are correct. I started singing when I was seven and still in love it with years later.

So, why don't you try it? We have a very committed church choir who make a good sound, but we need more voices if we are to extend the range of music we want to sing to enhance our worship.

You would also be protecting our heritage of four part choral singing which is under threat from music groups and unison songs.

Put the word out. We take the magic pill every Wednesday evening from 7:30 p.m. 

Age range could be 7 to 70 and I am happy to give private lessons as payment for your commitment.

A warm welcome is guranteed.

Please contact me...   Peter Jelley  01282 774306 or email: peter.jelley@hotmail.co.uk