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​Our Vision: We want to get closer to God through prayer, to serve people

in our community in new ways and to grow more in faith and membership.

St. John's Read & St. Peter's Simonstone

                                              Our Parish Monthly Service Schedule

                                                                      We have two churches within the parish where we hold services.

                        St. John’s Church,                                                                    St. Peter’s Church,

                      George Lane, Read.                                                             School Lane, Simonstone.                                                BB12 7RQ                                                                                      BB12 7HR


Services -


  5th - 09:30 Parish Communion at St. Peter's                                             Simonstone (with Christening)

10th - 18:30 FRIDAY PRAISE at St. Peter's Simonstone

12th - 09:30 Parish Communion at St. John's Read

19th - 09:30 Parish Communion at St. Peter's

26th - 09:30 Parish Communion at St. John's

        - 18:00 Evensong at St. John's Read


  3rd - 09:30 Parish Communion at St. Peter's Simonstone

Please note: During Festival periods there are additional services and changes to the normal service schedule.​