St. John's Read & St. Peter's Simonstone

St Peter's Church, Simonstone

St. John's Church, Read

Fund raising started in 2016 and the following items are now completed:

Phase 1: 2017 Interior repainting of ceilings and walls.

Phase 2: Car Park. In 2017 the car park was developed, holding up to 20

               vehicles. This work was completed by Richard Atkinson who spent

                his time  reclaiming the area and top coating the parking area

                making it useable for all events, including the regular weekly


                Wall. In 2017 the repairs to the front Churchyard wall were


                Front Door. In 2018 an anonymous donor paid for the professional

                painting of the front doors to the church.

                Railings. In 2018 an anonymous donor paid for the repainting of

                the Churchyard railings.

The Fundraising team meet every month in St. John's Church.

The latest goal is to replace the central heating boiler. There are several

fund raising initiatives underway - for more details - pop into St. John's and

find out more about these.​​ Or you can even visit our 'Just Text Giving' site

and help add to the funds directly.

​Our Vision: We want to get closer to God through prayer, to serve people

in our community in new ways and to grow more in faith and membership.